Hey I'm George Antonious

I'm studying software engineering and like programming, gaming, and cookies.



Programming Background

I have experience programming with MATLAB, Visual Basic, C, Java, Python. I also have an understanding of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I am interested in a wide variety of videogame genres from MMORPGs to arcade games. I also enjoy watching anime in my free time.

Educational Pursuits

I am currently progressing through my undergraduate degree in computer engineering with software option at the University of Alberta.


Modular Multiplication
Modular Exponentiation
JavaScript Example
Twitch API


EnthalPy is a single-player/co-op bullet hell game in the likes of Touhou and Geometry Wars. The game features enemies and bosses with unique bullet and moving patterns, multiple levels, controller support, and a power-up/points system. View source code on Github.
A top down PvP game for Arduino. Features 360 degree moving and shooting, five different maps to play on, and powerups that are sure to make every game wild! Playtesting has shown this game to be difficult to put down. View source code on Github.

Encrypted Chat Client for Arduino
This program facilitates 31 bit-encrypted communication between two Arduinos. Both Arduinos handshake automatically to begin an encrypted chat session, afterwards each user can communicate to one another via their local terminal. View source code on Github.
Started Website Development
Started developing this website during the month of October, it started out with some basic HTML, CSS, and lorem, but I am slowly working on further developing this site. I am planning on utilizing more JavaScript to make this site more interactive.

Github Activity

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